Kids Love Potatoes
  Tell USDA to Keep Potatoes in Schools!
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  Tell USDA to Keep Potatoes in Schools!

The potato industry is developing a wide range of products, so schools can serve kid-pleasing, nutritious foods that contribute to a healthy student body.

Veggies at Breakfast
Prepared in school ovens, hash browns, country fries and tater tots served at breakfast deliver nutrients of concern and are likely to be the only vegetable offered at that meal.

Plate Innovation

  • Potatoes are known as a “gateway vegetable.”  Students can be introduced to other vegetables that are in, around and on top of potatoes.
  • Baked potato bars are gaining popularity, and there is no end to what kids can top their potatoes with. 
  • Mashed potatoes are the ultimate nutritious comfort food, but they’re also perfect for mixing with other vegetables. 
  • Adding potatoes to soups and stews creates hearty, nutritious, kid-friendly meals.
  • Familiar shapes make lunchtime fun, especially for the younger ones.

Not the Fries You Remember
Nine out of 10 potatoes served in schools are baked, boiled, mashed or otherwise prepared without a fryer. In fact, school district food service directors report that only 11% of their school kitchens even have fryers. That means that so-called “French fries” on lunch menus are now typically oven-baked and contain between 80 and 110 calories per ½ cup serving.

Potatoes in ALL forms deliver potassium and fiber, and when prepared in ovens, they can be included in school meal programs to meet dietary guidelines.